maandag 15 december 2014

stunning: Jaejoong for bnt International magazine

What do you get when you combine a beautiful man, a breathtaking location and beautiful classy outfits? Yup, that's right: perfection. That is the only word I can come up with to describe JYJ's Jaejoong's recent photoshoot in Vienna for bnt international magazine. Yes, I'm very biased towards this man and he is in my top 5 celebrity crushes, but I know that everyone will agree on how stunning this photoshoot is. 

The outfits that he wears at the most beautiful locations in Vienna are classy and luxurious, yet simple. Jaejoong's appearance alone is enough to make these simple outfits looks special and add the 'wow' - factor. 

I also like how he can go from a Christian Grey to a hot vampire in a second. That's another one of his charms I guess. Try reading 50 Shades of Grey now without imagining Jaejoong as Christian Grey after seeing these beautiful photos!

(images via: allkpop)

2 opmerkingen:

Il Rossetto Rosso zei

Joj, volim ga, on mi je prvi bias ikada :D I trenutno bolje izgleda nego dok je bio u TVXQ :D

Alma ♡ zei

meni je u to vrijeme Yunho bio bias posto je jaejoong bas prolazio kroz yaoi manga fazu ali je zato sada savrsen ^^