vrijdag 11 september 2015

Brugge photodiary

Last thursday and friday I went along on a little trip to Brugge in Belgium as part of the introduction for my master programme and it was a lot of fun! Of course, I had to take a lot of pictures like I always do. Brugge is a very photogenic and aestheticly pleasing city and at some points I did feel bad about not bringing my DSLR and having to take all photos with my iPhone. I thought it would be better to not bring it since the programme said we would go straight to a club and yes that's not really a convenient place for a DSLR. In the end I decided not to go there, so I could have brought it, but oh well, there's always a next time! 

Also whe making trips like this, I realise how convenient it is to live in a small country. You drive for two or three hours and you're already in a different country which is something we should all appreciate more. This is why I plan to do a lot more of small trips in the next year so yes, you can expect more photodiaries and travel diaries in the future! :) 

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The Golden Soul zei

Lovely <3

The Golden Soul


Talisa Tossell zei

I have spent all evening reading your blog, thanks for the great post, lovely as per usual! xx

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Carmen Varner zei

These are beautiful photos. I went to Bruges just a few weeks ago & you're right it's very photogenic. :]

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Francesca zei

so beautiful ♡

Mlle Coconath zei

Lovely pictures!
Mademoiselle Coconath