zaterdag 26 december 2015


(sweater dress: missguided || overknee boots: new look

After two stressful and exhausting semesters, I think I can finally free some time in my schedule for blogging. Now I finally know why everyone was saying that a master program is intensive, with deadlines almost every week, trying to keep up with the readings for every lecture and exams.. I'm glad I'm still alive lol. Luckily, this holiday period is perfect for relaxing and snuggling up on the couch, watching all my favorite tv shows (aka shamelessly watching The Originals for the fourth time). 

Now that Christmas is over, everyone is looking forward to the next big event, which is saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016. We all know what that means: new year resolutions! I'm personally not a big fan of making resolutions and mine aren't really resolutions. More like things I already planned to do, but it just so happened that I'm starting all of them in january. 

The first one would be getting my driving license. Yes, I'm 23 and I still can't drive. I know, it's a little embarrassing. You know how on Victorious everyone kept asking Tori things like "Why don't you just get a driving license like every normal teenager?" and I can just highkey feel all of that shade lol. But all of this is changing in 2016! Another change I'm making in 2016 is to drastically cut the amount of sugar I consume on a daily basis. I realised how I need this because it has reached a point where I get a headache when I don't consume the amount I want to and it really started to feel like an addiction. I slowly already started doing this two weeks ago and it is working, since I feel more fit. My final reolution is to blog more, which I'm really hoping to do from now on! 

Do you guys have any resolutions for the new year? And how do you plan on celebrating new year's eve? 

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My gosh, I love this outfit!